Pros and Cons of Snow Plowing vs. Shoveling for British Columbian Homeowners

Winters in British Columbia often bring heavy snowfalls, which create a picturesque landscape but also present challenges for homeowners. Snow plowing and shovelling are two common methods to clear snow from driveways and walkways. Each method has its pros and cons, so choosing between the two usually depends on the homeowner’s preferences, budget, and specific property characteristics.

Snow Plowing:


Efficiency and Speed:
Snow plowing has many advantages, including clearing large areas quickly. Professional snow plowing utilizes specialized equipment to handle substantial amounts of snow in a short period, making it ideal for large driveways and commercial properties.

Less Physical Exertion:
Snow plowing requires a minimal amount of physical effort on the part of homeowners. Professional shovelling services enable individuals to avoid shovelling and focus on their other winter responsibilities.

Snow plowing aims to ensure that surfaces are level and to reduce uneven surfaces and icy patches, which are important for maintaining a safe environment because uneven surfaces can lead to slips and falls.

Snow plowing service is more accessible to individuals with severe physical limitations or health conditions that prevent them from performing manual labour. The homeowner can outsource this task and rest assured that their property will remain clear without risking their physical well-being.


Professional snow plowing services can be more expensive compared to shovelling. The cost may vary depending on the service frequency, the property size, and the snowfall amount.

Dependence on Service Availability:
Homeowners who depend on professional snow plowing services rely on their availability during peak winter months. It is possible that clearing the property may be delayed if there has been heavy snowfall.

Potential Damage to Property:
Snow plowing and the use of heavy equipment can damage driveways, lawns, and landscaping if they are conducted improperly. The homeowner should ensure that the contractor is experienced and that the equipment he or she uses is appropriate for the property.



Shoveling is an effective method of removing snow since minimal equipment is required – just a shovel. The homeowner can save money by investing in a good quality snow shovel and clearing the snow themselves.

Control and Precision:
When shovelling, more control and precision can be achieved, particularly in small or delicate areas. Homeowners can carefully shovel the snow to prevent damage to landscaping features and delicate surfaces.

Physical Exercise:
Shoveling is a great exercise that works the entire body. It improves cardiovascular health, strength, and endurance. The act of shovelling can be a rewarding way for individuals who enjoy physical activity to stay active during the winter months.

The homeowner who prefers to shovel their own snow has the option to clear their property whenever they see fit, without depending on the schedule of a snow plowing service.


Snow shovelling can be time-consuming, especially after a heavy snowfall, and may not be practical for larger properties or in situations requiring a substantial amount of physical effort.

Physical Strain and Injury Risk:
The act of shovelling snow is physically demanding, and it is susceptible to injury, particularly back injuries. Improper shovelling techniques or heavy lifting can cause strains, sprains, and more severe injuries.

Uneven Results:
Shoveling may cause uneven surfaces, resulting in icicle-like patches. This unevenness can create hazards for pedestrians and vehicles, increasing accident risk.

Weather Dependency:
Snow removal depends on the weather, and homeowners must be able to remove snow accumulation promptly after each snowfall, which may be difficult for individuals with busy schedules or frequently away from home.

Limitless Snow Removal provides snow plowing and shovelling services to British Columbian homeowners depending on their budget, property size, physical ability, and personal preferences. Despite its efficiency and convenience, snow plowing is expensive and may require external services. On the other hand, shovelling is inexpensive and provides exercise benefits but requires physical effort and time. The homeowner may combine the two methods, perhaps shovelling smaller accumulations and relying on snow plowing for larger snowfalls.



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