Snow Removal services at Kent

Kent winters are as worse as you can imagine it to be. Along with knee-deep snow, you also need to strive through intermittent blizzards, heavy snowfalls, and bone-chilling rains. It leads to poor road conditions and would hamper small movements even a few metres. The only way out is to let professionals like us handle your premises well and keep them safe.

How We Do It?

Snow Limitless is one of the oldest snow removal service providers, we have acquired the means and team to offer reliable services 24/7. We can tailor our services according to your premises and budget whether you need these monthly or weekly. This flexible plan allows us to provide cost-effective services making your payment plan your insurance policy. All driveways and pathways will be cleared with snow blowers or ploughs depending on the depth of snow and driveway layout. Our operations commence with the end of snowfall while snow ways are completed within a few hours. However, if there are any time constraint and snow blizzard is longer than usual, we will make a quick pass allowing our customers to drive through the driveway. We will get back after a few hours with a shovel the sidewalks making your driveway completely safe and sound. Our sole aim is to make the driveways safe and clear in the least time.


The package of services offered by us includes:

  • Emergency snow removal
  • Snow removal and salting
  • Sanding
  • Anti-icing and Pre-attack Icing
  • Snow management

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