Annacis Island

Annacis Island

Snow Removal Services at Annacis Island

Annacis Island is an industrial is located on the southern side of Fraser River. People have to deal with heavy snow and frost during the winter season. The snowfall becomes a lot heavier during peak times. Everybody has to be better prepared for dealing with heavy snowfall. No matter whether you own a residential property or commercial property, you must have a full proof plan to stay protected against snow-related accidents. Icy conditions make access extremely difficult for people. It is always advisable to seek professional help to stay protected and ensure safe access.

What do we do?

As a trustworthy snow removal service provider, we offer top quality slating and removal solutions to our customers. Our accomplished professionals perform the removal process in a responsible way and assist you in maintaining your property safe with proper salting solutions. You can wake up the next morning to find everything cleared up. We keep slips, falls and trips at bay to allow safe entry and exit.

What to expect with us?

Our snow removal package comprises of

  • Sanding

  • Ice Management Control

  • Anti-Icing

  • Snow Offside Hauling

  • Pre-Attack Icing

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