White Rock

White Rock

Ice Removal Service at White Rock

Although White Rock has a moderate climate year-round, the winter season often becomes very harsh and brutal. As the temperature comes down, ice causes several problems for commercial and residential property owners. In order to prevent slips, falls and other types of accidents, it is essential to seek professional help for removing ice from building and property premises.

How do we make our services unique and beneficial?

No matter type of business you run, we provide the most suitable ice melting and removal services. Our skilled and experienced professionals know inside out about all ice forms and they offer customized services to deliver what exactly you need. We believe that as a committed ice service, it is our responsibility to eliminate all potential dangers from your surroundings while walking or driving.

Our service packages comprise of:

  • Ice plowing

  • Ice salting

  • Ice offside hauling

  • Ice management control

  • Anti-Icing

  • Pre-attack icing

We pretreat your property using ice control products if required. You can expect cost efficient solutions with us. Our technicians are fully licensed, trained and background-checked professionals and they strive hard to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

If you want to remove ice and stay protected against ice related accidents, you can hire us.

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