Ice Removal Services at Chilliwack

The mild climate of Chilliwack offers excellent growing conditions for a broad range of crops and agricultural products. During the winter season, the temperature drops considerably and the lowest temperature was -21.7 Degree Celsius (-7.1 Degree Fahrenheit), recorded in 1968. Snow and ice create several issues during this period. You need to be very careful while navigating your way through knee deep snow and ice on a daily basis. A simple slip or fall can lead to fatal accidents. Vehicle accidents also have become very common during the winter season in Chilliwack. The best way to get rid of all issues is to hire a reliable ice removal service.

What makes our ice control and removal services popular?

We have a team of experienced professionals who fully understand the processes and complexities involved with ice removal and melting. You can expect timely snow and ice removal to ensure safe and easy access for people in commercial and residential buildings. Right tools such as ice blowers and snowplows are used in a responsible way to make ice removal effective and stress-free.

Our service package consists of:

  • Anti-Icing

  • Ice removal and slating

  • Ice management control Snow offside hauling

  • Ice and snow offside hauling

  • Pre-attack icing

Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our ice removal services

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