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Limitless Snow Removal | Craftsman Collision Portfolio

Calgary drivers have glanced to Craftsman Collision for auto body repair since 1977. We are the biggest family-owned and worked collision repair chain in Canada. Apart from this, we provide award-winning customer service, quality craftsmanship, and air miles. An OEM certified by the top car manufacturers, including Ford.

Service you can trust:

We provide one of the best services to our customers. This service is why Craftsman Collision correspondingly wins awards such as the Prince George Citizen Readers Choice and North Shore News Readers Choice each year. It’s every time honor to be acknowledged as the auto body and collision repair leader by people like you.

  • Collision Repair
  • Auto Painting
  • Frame Straightening
  • Auto Glass Repair
  • Hail Damage Repair

It is evidence that, along with our awards, our consumer-first, family-run outlook is also winning hearts at all our Craftsman Collision places. So whether you’re living in places such as Vancouver’s Lower Mainland, the tri-city area, Vancouver Island, Edmonton, Calgary, or even Regina, we have plenty of locations to benefit your collision repair requirements.

Collision Repair:

Although our name says ‘Collision,’ automobiles can get destructed in many different ways as well, such as

  • hail,
  • falling chestnuts,
  • rocks,
  • vandalism,
  • premature garage door closings

We have vast experience in managing such issues. Today our repair services incorporate each item from handling your insurance claim to offering you one of our more than 500 recent-model renewal vehicles. Most significantly, you get the belief of knowing your vehicle will be fixed by technicians who are trained and certified to factory enumerations.

It’s all backed by our Craftsman lifetime assurance, which would keep you safe from defective artistry or materials on the body and fix paint for as long as you own your vehicle. So don’t settle for ordinary collision repair when you can select Craftsman.

Fleet Maintenance Program-


Cooperating with us means on-site evaluating at your place of business. As well as, the Valet Service gives you the pick-up and drop-off to protect your time and travel. All repairs are a warranty for the entire ownership period of the vehicle.


We’re OEM certified for the following automobiles:

  • Ford,
  • Toyota,
  • Lexus,
  • Honda,
    • Nissan,
    • Infinity,
    • Fiat,
    • Chrysler,
    • Jeep,
    • Dodge,
    • Ram,
    • Kia and others.

    We’re also certified and monitored by Certified Collision Care™ (CCC), Canada’s nationally acknowledged quality certification program.


    You will get the advantage of top-notch training and technology. Our team can service and fully restore all your vehicle’s advanced components, including backup cameras, collision avoidance sensors, lane departure sensors, and more so that you can rest assured.


    Since people have sufficient paperwork to write, that’s why we build our billing procedure speedy and straightforward. Whether you have a small or large fleet and few or many repairs, you’ll only ever have a single monthly bill to hold.


    You get full entry to our different Craftsman Auto Glass division that gives specialty services for all your glass and windshield repairs. We can fix the glass parts of virtually any vehicle.


    When you have an entire fleet, those complimentary Miles add up quickly.

    Services provided by Limitless Snow Removal

    Managing and controlling ice:

    Limitless Snow Removal aim to give hassle-free ice melting, ice removal and snow clearance services to every client. They have their main attention on making the brand goodwill much as per the consumer demands. Moreover, it is a certified and insured firm to carry out snow clearance in locations where snow is troubling peope. Limitless Snow Removal is an excellent choice if one is seeking a swift and efficient service.

    With assistance of Limitless Snow Removal, we offered full commercial ice removal services in North Vancouver. They have complete ice elimination strategy in their snow and ice clearance solutions which they can deliver throughout the winter if customers ask for it. Also, if one needs a zero-tolerance level solution, they offer ice monitoring services during snowstorms.

    Professional from Limitless Snow Removal’s team deliver ice ploughing, and complete ice eliminating services to all residential or commercial areas no matter whether car parks, purchasing areas, sidewalks, pathways, driveways, medical centres, factories office complexes or any other places.

    Craftsman Collision has got Limitless Snow Removal for  ice elimination services for our automobiles as an intermediate. Tthey provided excellent services to Craftsman Collision for maintenance and clearance of ice and snow during the Covid pandamic also by following all the protocols concerning Public Health Organisation. Besides, Limitless Snow Removal is known for its industry excellence services. They ensured all responsibility for testing and measuring the equipment and services satisfy all the business requirements.

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