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We provide custom injection moulded solutions to various industries. We’ve been silently structuring a reputation as one of North America’s most innovative and well-grounded custom injection moulding companies since 1945. From notion, through the composition for producing and engineering analysis to delivering the final product, we instill quality, firmness, practicality, and value into each stage of the process.

Why Choose Us?

We’ve financed and invested in state-of-the-art technology in our 50,000 square foot service with ISO Class 7 Clean Room and in the house tool room. More importantly, we’ve also invested in the people with the experience, enthusiasm, know-how, and creativity to ensure your project is delivered when and where you require it. We do everything in our power to keep you notified on every side of the process, so it is like working with a trusted friend. With us, it is a partnership, and we will always be straight.

How do we work for the industries?

  • Design-

We grasp a collaborative outlook to Design for Manufacture and custom manufacturing solutions, conducting decades of experience and practical problem solving to recognize any possible flaws that may affect your project before launch.

  • Troubleshoot-

We have a long history of customers leading us to problems other molders or offshore suppliers can’t find the answer. We pride ourselves on reviewing each alternative to ensure the right solution is selected for your product’s longevity.

  • Manufacture-

Whether it is a high volume odometer needle, a completely gathered seed meter, or a sterile cell culture plate, we can manufacture products for any industry and often products that others refuse.

Following are the industries we work with:

Medical Capabilities-

  • ISO 13485
  • ISO Class 7 Clean Room
  • New product development support and DFM
  • Ready for market packaging
  • Over moulding
  • Ultrasonic welding, pad printing, laser etching, inserting, and hot stamping
  • In mould sensors to aid in validation and production process control
  • IQ/OQ/PQ validation of manufacturing processes
  • Commercial sterilization support
  • Stock USV VI – ISO 10993-1 material for volume purchasing
  • Mould flow analysis

Agriculture Capabilities-

  • Metal to plastic conversion
  • ISO 9001
  • CMM measurements and capability studies
  • PPAP
  • IMDS
  • Material silos to purchase in truckload or rail car quantities
  • Over moulding
  • 750T machines for large part requirements
  • Secondary operations such as machining, inserting, hot stamping, and ultrasonic welding, to a name a few
  • Mould flow analysis

Commercial Capabilities-

  • Consumer-grade packaging
  • New product development support and DFM
  • ISO 9001
  • Material silos to purchase in truckload or rail car quantities
  • High volume manufacturing
  • Mould flow analysis

Industrial Capabilities-

  • ISO 9001
  • New product development support and DFM
  • Industry-leading UV protection
  • Secondary operations and assembly
  • Ready for market packaging
  • Material silos to purchase in truckload or rail car quantities
  • Material analysis

Mining Capabilities-

  • ISO 9001
  • New product development support and DFM
  • Low-temperature plastics
  • UV resistant plastics
  • Material silos to purchase in truckload or rail car quantities
  • New product development support
  • KANBAN on existing products for quick turnaround

Services provided by Limitless Snow Removal

Ice and snow supervision

Limitless Snow Removal are a qualified and certified enterprise to administrate snow clearance within your location or the location you want where snow is causing trouble in normal living habits. This firm can be an ultimate choice for people seeking a quick and stress-free services to remove ice from their areas. It’s goal to convey hassle-free ice melting, ice removal, snow clearance, and snow removal services to every commercial as well as domestic client. Limitless Snow Removal typically concentrate on making the brand goodwill much more as consumer demand-driven.

With Limitless Snow Removal, we have got full industrial ice clearance services in our industrial area in Canada. Their snow and ice removal solution has a complete ice elimination strategy; also, they provided services throughout the winters if customers ask for them. Along with all this they aslo deliver ice monitoring services before, during, and after the snowstorm if clients ask for zero-tolerance level solution .

The professional and experienced teams deliver ice ploughing, ice melting, and complete ice wipe out services residential as well as commercial properties, including surfaces like parking areas, shopping areas, sidewalks, driveways, medical centres, theatres, whole commercial lots, office complexes, and many more.

COLUMBIA PLASTICS has hired Limitless Snow Removal to provide snow removal services for our industrial areas. In this Covid-19 pandemic situations also they provided excellent services to COLUMBIA PLASTICS for maintenance and clearance of ice and snow from factories and other areas. The team that provided us services has  followed all the etiquettes concerning Public Health Organisation for a current pandemic situation. Besides, Limitless Snow Removal is renowned for offering excellent services. They took responsibility for testing and measuring the equipment and services to satisfy all our need for ice removal.

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