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  • february 12, 2022
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Centex Petroleum Portfolio | Limitless Snow Removal

Centex is a 100% independent, locally owned and operated Company in Canada. Offering competitive and consistent fuel pricing variety of other services to the convenient locations. Therefore, we are seen as the fresh alternative to the pre-established brands in the Canadian market. We purchase our fuel independently; there is no obligation or affiliations from any chain of suppliers. Fuel is a commodity, and we shop it from every possible resource, depending on the wholesale price that suits our budget, our requirement criteria and their availability. We want to make this world a better place to live by offering essential commodities like fuel at easy rates.

When we purchase our fuel, we have the image and expectations of our potential customers in mind; therefore, we try to give them at the most competitive rates. In short, if you want to deal with us, you will find the friendliest partner to be around.

The founder’s vision behind Centex venture; why do people like our fuel stations?

Simple!! This was the key aspect behind Centex’s launch of the fuel station. We want to make things simple for our end customers from the beginning. We want to provide them with the best feel, experience and variety of services that most gasoline retailers are offering but at the best rates. We appreciate being the leading choice of our customers.

Why makes the best in the leading service gasoline retailer in the current market condition?

We have been in this business for over 30 years. We started in 1986; our first location was Inglewood, Calgary and Alberta. We have grown well by maintaining our core values by

  • Respect
  • Accountability
  • Coming up as a team player
  • Enjoying whatever we do

Services provided by Limitless Snow Removal (https://snowlimitless.com/):

Ice control and Snow Removal services

Limitless Snow removal is a reputed company in Canada that offers services to commercial and residential areas. We offer our ice melting services to communities, retail centers, gas stations and nursing homes; it turns out to be very useful. For us creating a secure surrounding is our topmost priority. That’swhy we don’t risk walking or driving a person. During a snowstorm, the process of accumulation of snow speed up; in this scenario, our services have proven a true blessing in disguise.

Our experienced professionals take all possible steps to prevent ice formation, and they ensure their selection will be the best fit for your needs. For commercial entities like retail gasoline stations, the safety of customers, clients, or employees is the priority to avoid slips and related damage. Hiring snow removal services by a professional service provider like Limitless Snow Removal takes responsibility for snow removal. Often during the winters, the situation becomes more adverse; in this state, you have no option left other than hiring professionals who will be glad to help.

At Limitless Snow Removal, we have access to large machinery and heavy-duty equipment for mass snow removal. The selection of the machinery is done according to the demand of the project, not according to the client’s recommendation.
Centex hired Limitless Snow Removal for their stations’ ice control and snow removal services. The gas stations are place where people use to get out of their vehicle to fill their vehicle’s tank; therefore, they need to be clean and safe to access. Limitless Snow Removal Company ensures the proper cleanliness and the station’s maintenance is done according to the industrial standards. They successfully bear the responsibility of the ice control and snow removal to match with our business model.

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